The Elise Story

Elise is a conceptual tribute to the machine age: streamlined, understated, and honest in its function as a light source. Celebrating the most classic of industrial forms, the cylinder, two elements compose the lamp: a refined aluminum base or a new polished marble base conceals the light source, providing ample ballast, while its towering frosted acrylic diffuser becomes a beacon of light. Its confident, geometric simplicity enables it to comfortably inhabit a diversity of spaces. Elise offers a full dimming range and is available in heights ranging from 12” to 80”.

Elemental LightElise's refined machined-aluminum
base supports a towering frosted
diffuser, creating the ultimate
combination for elegant lighting.
Aspire to IlluminateElise's elemental form features a fully
dimmable light source and is available in
a range of sizes that can be displayed
individually or in multiples.


Pablo Pardo
Venezuelan-born industrial designer Pablo Pardo has defined his career by creating beautiful, sparse, utilitarian lighting that fosters harmonious relationships between people and their environments.

  • Specifications

    Frosted white shade / Silver base
    Frosted white shade / Brass base
    Frosted white shade / Black base
    Frosted white shade / White Carrara Marble base
    Frosted white shade / Black Marquina Marble base

    Aluminum/Marble base
    Polycarbonate diffuser

    Full-range dim (in-line rotary dimmer)

    Voltage: 120V or 240V
    Cord length: 6’ (182cm)
    Elise 12: E14 / 25W - Torpedo Frosted White
    Elise 18: E26 / 40W- T-10 Frosted White
    Elise 32/48/60: E26 / 60W-PAR30 NSP bulb
    Elise 80: E26 / 90W-PAR38 NSP bulb

    UL listed components