The Corner Office Story 

Today, everyplace is a workplace. Due to the constantly changing landscape of work, often our own offices can be as inconvenient, uninviting and distracting as anyplace else. Corner Office is designed to enhance the flexibility and efficiency of today’s open plan workplace by defining personal space in these dynamic environments. Corner Office contributes to motivation, efficiency and well-being; providing visual privacy, sound reduction, task lighting, and desktop power. Corner Office represents a new type of product for productivity.  Corner office systemic and flexible, offering various degrees of privacy and power provision.
Corner office systemic and flexible, offering various degrees of privacy and power provision. The system comprises three elements: a glare-free, fully dimmable LED corner task light that incorporates power ports featured in its armature; a set of optional acoustic deterrent fabric panels; and an optional pocket accessory that provides a place to store a phone or tablet, keeping things clutter-free. Easily reconfigurable, the system is light weight and easy to assemble and install.

Open office - Personal space

Smart SystemCorner Office contributes to well-being and workstyle needs through access to power, LED light, and privacy. When used alone, it creates a quiet alcove or touchdown for one. Arranged in multiples, Corner Office offers visual privacy in open spaces.
Uniform LightRevolutionary flat-panel LED technology
provides warm glare-free illumination.
Optical SwitchA simple touch switch allows for full range dimming
USB 3Charges mobile phones and other small devicces
Max power output: 5v, 1.8A
USB 3.1 Type CHigh power output will charge laptops and other larger devices
Max power output: 20V, 5A
Accessory PocketDevice storage for phone, tablet
and small personal effects.
Variety in ConfigurationsArrangements of the 15" or 30" units bring alcoves of visual privacy in open benching environments.
Privacy in the OpenCorner Office units can easily be combined
to accomodate different situational needs.


Peter Stathis
Stathis is the founder and principal designer of Virtual Studio, the collaborative industrial design and strategic development venture he founded in 1989. Projects encompass products, furniture, lighting, interiors and accessories.

Michael McCoy
Michael McCoy is the recipient of the Smithsonian’s first Design Minds National Design Award with Katherine McCoy for, in the words of the museum “affecting a paradigm shift in the design profession”. His influential designs include the new Horizon LED Light for Humanscale (with Peter Stathis), the million-selling “Bulldog Chair” for Knoll and the Place Airport Seating for Arconas (with Curt Fentress).